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www.sadlier-oxford.com/ k / long _ vowel _grk1_nav.htm - Pages similaires LONG AND SHORT VOWEL SOUNDS The unlocking words [Forum] A - Learn short Vowel Sound B - Learn Long vowel sound . C - Learn to unlock word . Et plus bas: "Find the unlocking words " .

Activities which cover the curriculum in Year 1 Term 3 on long vowel sounds .

Long vowel sounds : -a-. 1. The long -a- is most often written a-e for example state. the long a right at the end of a word is always -ay.

21 Oct 2008 Using silent e words inside of a sentence -- picture words ยท Testing long vowel sounds for silent e words -- picture words . VOWEL DIGRAPHS

30 Sep 2006 Free worksheets, interactive activities and other teaching resources to help teach long vowel sounds .

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