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Buy Votive Candle Holders . Quality Glass . 72 holders $29.99 Wholesale Pricing and Same Day Ship. www.quickcandles.com. Wedding Candles & Holders

Candle Set, Includes Votive Candles , Glass Holders , and Label . Above Glass Votive suppliers include wholesale Glass Votive , Glass Votive from China,

Glass Votive Candle Holders , Votive Cups, Candle Holder Bulk buy candle holders , wholesale prices on large quantities. We are the number one source for

Our wholesale glass votive candle holder designs range from the delicate North Pole styles to the whimsical Scallop Base or Island Base holders .

Bulk - Wholesale · Holiday & Seasonal · Gift Sets · Pillar Candles Premium glass votive candle holders . Made from heat-strengthened glass , These durable carefully crafted glass tea light or Votive candle holders are versatile

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